Second Home Keepers

An Annual Agreement with Second Home Keepers assures you that your home in, or around, Oxford is being watched over and cared for. We give each of our accounts a BI-MONTHLY ASSESSMENT on a secure homepage with email follow-up.

Annual Membership Agreement
Door knob with skeleton key $60.00 monthly membership fee paid annually or semiannually
We provide a digital diary of your second home that remains in your home. It includes photographs and details, assuring you that your home is the way YOU like it: are the bed pillows the way you want? Towels folded the right way? Kitchen countertops how you like them?

We give your home a bi-monthly walk-through inside and out, with follow-up details emailed to you. It's like the 'state of things in your second home's address. You can rest knowing someone's checking on your home at least every two weeks. Cars moving in and out of the driveway, lights being turned on and off, a caring eye watching over your investment. Peace of mind. What's it worth to you?

Severe weather follow-up. Was there a tornado near Lafayette County? We will check on your home. Freezing temperatures for over 48 hours? We will make sure there was no damage to your pipes. Flood warning? Follow-up details emailed to you.

A sticker for your back door with our local phone number to call in case of emergency.

Second Home Keepers provides an online account for each client with a secure login, giving you access to us, to your account, and to any activity on your account.

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Payment is expected at time services are rendered. An invoice will be left at your home before your arrival for expenses incurred, to be paid in full by check at departure time. The charges from our al a carte services, excluding housekeeping and lawn maintenance, are cost + 25% service charge + $10 delivery fee.

Front door

The annual membership fee will be due by the first of each month unless paid semi-annually or annually. If paid semi-annually it would be due June 1 and January 1. If paid annually it would be due June 1.

–outside lights
–inside lights
–mailbox checked
–all doors and windows secured
–hot water heater