Second Home Keepers

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Jill and Kevin Gardner,
co-owners of Second Home Keepers can be reached at (662) 801-9385.

I grew up in Oxford, received a business and magazine journalism degree from Ole Miss in 1987 and married Kevin Gardner of Jackson, MS a year later. We hopped around the South for the next ten years. Our first child, Sarah Gaines, was born in Little Rock; second came Wilson – born in Jackson; and finally the tug back to Oxford called us home, where Andrew was born.

During college I worked (and played) at Oxford Floral Company. For the past fifteen years, I have operated a cottage industry of personalized stationery out of my home. Now that our children are all school-aged, I’m ready to take on second home keeping!

Kevin and I have enjoyed the changes to Oxford… the Oxford we left in 1988 was far different from the one we came back to in 1997. So much vitality and growth, so many new young families, and SO many second home owners!

I’ve watched excited (but pooped) second home owners dashing to the grocery at 7:45 Friday night, game weekend, grabbing milk and muffins for their breakfasts the next morning and strawberries for the grove, trying to get checked out and home to make it to 8:00 dinner reservations on the square. That’s why Second Home Keepers was born! We want to do all that buzzing for you, the visiting homeowner, before you arrive. It’s gratifying to think that your arrival and stay will be easy because we took care of the details.

I look forward to getting to know you!

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